December 11-December 25, 2018

No progress.

Yup, pretty embarrassing, but it’s the truth.  And on this site, I don’t hide the truth.  I try my best to hold myself 100% accountable and show everything that’s going on.

So, what happened?  Honestly, I had a few false starts.  I would get momentum going for a few days, only to blow it a few days later.

This is something I’ve experienced before.  Honestly, I think what needs to happen is I need to suck it up, go hard, get through the first week of hell, and then I should have the momentum I need.  That’s typically how it’s worked for me in the past.

Starting Weight – 71 kg

Current Weight – 71 kg

Starting Waist Measurement – 85.5 cm

Waist Measurement – 85.5 cm

No change.

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