All right, week #1 is complete, and it was a good one!

To give some context for those who haven’t read my original post, I started off this 60 day challenge on October 23rd with the goal of going from my current 16% body fat to 12% percent body fat (about 10 pounds).

As of the start date, I was 71.5 kg (157.3 pounds) with a 185 cm waist.

I did the official weigh-in and measurement today (November 1st).  I’m currently at:

70 kg (154 pounds)

183.5 cm waist

So that’s 3.3 pounds lost and 1.5 cm off my waist.  In just over 1 week.  In other words, a slam fucking dunk.

A couple observations.  I had a good week.  A REALLY good week.  I was on the ball, and even on the weekend, I managed to keep things in check.

But 3.3 pounds is still a shit ton of weight for someone at my level of leanness to lose in just 1 week.

First and foremost, I need to point out that weight doesn’t come off in a linear fashion.  Sometimes you can go for a while on a diet and lose nothing- and then wake up the next morning 4 pounds lighter.

I suspect that’s partly what’s happened here.  The day after I started (October 24th) I weighed myself in to discover that I was 71 kg (1.1 pounds lighter than the day before).

So I suspect that “delayed weight loss” skewed the numbers in my favour this week.

Still, the fact that I was able to drop an additional 1 kg (2.2 pounds) this week is fucking awesome!

Here are some of the weeks pics:

October 23rd



October 24th




October 25th







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