Happy Friday everyone!  Week 6 of my 60 day challenge is officially down.  Here’s the results of my weigh in this morning:

LAST WEEKS WEIGHT: 67.5 KG (148.5 Pounds)

THIS WEEKS WEIGHT: 67.3 KG (148.06 Pounds)

WEIGHT LOST THIS WEEK: 0.2 KG (0.44 Pounds)

Obviously a little underwhelming, as I was hoping to lose more than half a pound.  On the plus side, when I took my waist measurement, it was just over 80 cm, which means that there was some fat loss this week, and it wasn’t just a fluctuating scale.

LAST WEEKS WAIST: 80.5 CM (31.7 Inches)

THIS WEEKS WAIST: Just Over 80 CM (31.5 Inches)


My Thoughts

I have a few thoughts on this rather lacklustre week.  The first thought is that I’m not hugely surprised.

It started last weekend.  Living in Korea, there’s a lot of food from back home that you just make do without.  They’re either not available, or, as is most often the case, they’re available but prohibitively expensive.

I hadn’t had pizza in a long while, and I decided to splurge.  Now, pizza isn’t typically that expensive in Korea, but I live on one of the more remote islands on the southern coast.  There’s only one restaurant here that does pizza, and, I guess since they figure they have the monopoly on it, they charge a fairly exorbitant price.

I figured if I was gonna do it, I might as well go all in- so I ate the whole thing:

Average To Abs Week 6
Looks like Korea figured out stuffed crust pizza!

Now, this was something that I planned on.  I did a 20:4 style fast leading up, making enough room in my daily calories to enjoy that cheesy goodness.  I even planned it so I’d have enough room for some Coke and dessert.

What I didn’t anticipate was that eating it was going to set of a chain of events.  Waking up the morning after eating like that doesn’t exactly make you feel healthy and alert.  I like a good evening feast as much as anyone else, but for me that dinner just crossed the line.  In fact, by the time noon rolled around, I was still feeling sluggish.

If you’ve read my story, you know I’m definitely an advocate of flexible dieting and enjoying your food.  The problem is when enjoyment becomes gluttony.

I spent the rest of the next day eating like shit.  As human beings, we tend to want to remain in the state we’re currently in.  If we’re feeling energetic and healthy, we tend to want to stay that way.  If we’re feeling lethargic and unhealthy…well, we tend to eat cookies all day.

The rest of the week wasn’t as bad, but I did feel like due to how bad the weekend was that I’d lost some momentum.  I just wasn’t as tight with my diet as I needed to be.  I allowed myself to have little snacks in between meals which no doubt added up.  I still did my 24 hour periods of intermittent fasting though, which is probably what saved me.

It’s all good though.  I still made some progress, even if it was small, and I’m still on target to hit my goal.  And I’ve been able to get myself back on the train, and ready to go hard for my last two weeks.

Here’s the total numbers for the challenge so far:

STARTING WEIGHT: 71.5 KG (157.3 Pounds)

STARTING WAIST: 85 CM (33.5 Inches)


CURRENT WEIGHT: 67.3 KG (148.06 Pounds)

CURRENT WAIST: 80 CM (31.5 Inches)


TOTAL WEIGHT LOST: 4.2 KG (9.2 Pounds)


Progress Pictures:

Here’s some pictures from this week:

December 9



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