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It’s officially May 31st…which means I’m just in time for an update 😉  So, the last time I checked in for April, I was just wrapping up a (failed) 60 Day Transformation, and was heading into a lean mass building phase.  The plan was to up my calories slightly, go hard in the gym, and work to build up some lean muscle.

Things started off quite well for the first few weeks.  I was being consistent in the gym, and both my volume and my strength numbers were going up…

Unfortunately, after that I started dealing with some (small) injuries.  At first it was bicep tendonitis of the shoulder, which pretty much prevented me from pressing heavy for a few weeks.  I looked into it, started doing some mobility work, and after a while it started feeling better (still not 100%, but almost there).

Then (as if that wasn’t bad enough), I started getting the other kind of bicep tendonitis near my left elbow and forearm.  That was a HUGE pain in the ass.  It pretty much stopped me from doing weighted chin-ups and rows, and I’ve been working at healing and getting it better for the past 2 weeks.

Needless to say, pretty frustrating.  So here’s what I’ve decided to- I’ve decided to go back on my fat loss diet.  I can still workout, I just need some time to fix these issues before I can really go heavy again.  So I figure in the meantime, why not lose some fat while I wait.

I currently weigh about 68.5 kg.  The plan right now is to cut for the next 2 months, and try to get down to about 63 or 64 kg, and see how I look.  At that point, I’d be around 10%-11% body fat (which I’d be very happy with).  That would bring me to the end of July, at which point my shoulders and arm should be completely healed, and I can start working on building some muscle again.

I am going to try to get more content up soon (hoping to do a gym video as well as a full day of eating video), so stay tuned!

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