For those of you who are actually keeping up with this…no, I didn’t die…

And no, I didn’t quit on the challenge with a week left to go…

I’m just three months late posting the results.  Sorry gang.

Weekly Numbers (And Final Results Of The Challenge)

My numbers for July 31st – August 7 are as follows:

Waist Measurement – 86.5 cm

Weight – 71 kg (156 pounds)

Total Fat Lost Off Waist – 5.5 cm

Total Weight Lost – 4 kg (roughly 8.8 pounds)

Thoughts On The Challenge

While I definitely had bigger ambitions for the challenge, all in all I really can’t complain. 2 inches off the waist and almost 10 pounds of fat are definitely nothing to sneeze at.

What’s even more surprising is that I was able to do this during summer in Japan.  Between all the BBQ’s, gin and tonics and just general socializing, I’m fairly surprised I was able to do as well as I did.

I’ve talked about this before, but when I started my first 60 Day Challenge was back in 2016, I was living in rural Korea.  My social life was basically non-existant, and therefore I had nothing to distract me.

This time was a completely different story.  I had plenty to distract me from my goals, and plenty of opportunities to engage in social events with lots of food and drink.

So yeah, I was able to drop almost 10 pounds of fat while still enjoying myself, drinking a bit too much, and not sacrificing any of my social life.

I’ll call that a win.


Before (June 11)

After (July 29) *I actually forgot to take an after shot on the last day of the challenge…must have been drunk 😉 These pics from Week

7 will give you a pretty good idea of the progress though.

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