Once again, apologies for not posting in a few weeks.  But rest assured, I haven’t given up on the diet – I’ve just been hella busy.

So, here it is – your double shot of Matty’s dieting adventures for the last two weeks.

All told, it went pretty well.  I was able to take off about a pound per week, for a total loss of one kilogram over the span of two weeks.

As I mentioned previous, I started implementing longer fasts.  If you’ve followed my progression at all, you know that in the past I’ve used two 24 hour fasts per week for fat loss (with pretty awesome results).

Originally I wasn’t planning on using them for this diet, but I’ve decided that, given just how well they work (and how much easier they make dieting the other days of the week) that I should bring them back into my regimen.

I have, however, been modifying the fasting period so that it’s more like a 20 hour fast.  This is in order to maintain personal productivity into the tail end of the fast (which for me is the evening).

Other than that, it’s been pretty standard shit.

Weekly Numbers

My numbers for July 16th – July 23rd are as follows:

Waist Measurement – 87.5 cm

Weight – 72 kg (158 pounds)

Total Fat Lost Off Waist – 4.5 cm

Total Weight Lost – 3 kg (roughly 6.6 pounds

My numbers for July 23rd – July 30th are as follows:

Waist Measurement – 87 cm

Weight – 71.5 kg (157 pounds)

Total Fat Lost Off Waist – 5 cm

Total Weight Lost – 3.5 kg

Weekly Pics

July 29, 2018
July 29, 2018

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