Alright, so update time.  Not only is this the end of my fourth week as of a few days ago,  but today is also my 30 DAY update, which means that I’m HALFWAY.

When I weighed myself in for the end of week 4, my scale weight came out to 68.4 kg (150.5 pounds).

60 Day Challenge Week 4

So, now that I’m halfway, let’s look at the numbers.  My goal for this 60 day challenge is to go from 16% bodyfat to 12% bodyfat.

STARTING WEIGHT: 71.5 KG (157.3 Pounds)

AFTER 30 DAYS OF CUTTING: 68.4 KG (150.5 Pounds)

TOTAL WEIGHT LOST: 3.1 KG (6.8 Pounds)

My Thoughts

Obviously, I’m extremely happy about this!  My goal is to lose roughly 10 pounds in 60.  I’m only halfway through, and I’ve already shed almost 7.  At this rate, all I really have to do is not completely fuck up over the next 30 days, and I’ll hit my goal no problem.

So, even though I know that I can ease up off the gas at this point and still come out ok, I’m not going to.  I’ve been going extremely hard over the last 4 weeks.  I’ve been hyper vigilant about what I put in my mouth.  I’ve been strict about hitting the gym.  And while I’ve been enjoying myself and not restricting my diet super heavily, there have been moments where I’ve had to resist the urge to give in to cravings.

At this point, I don’t just want to hit my goal.  I want to SHATTER it.

What I’ve Been Doing

The basics.  Lift heavy, keep protein sufficient and calories low.

I have, however, done something different with regard to how I handle my meals.

A few days ago, I threw up a post on intermittent fasting (or “IF”).  I’ve been doing IF now on and off for almost 10 years (and consistently for the last 3), but the style I’m using right now is new for me.  Basically, in addition to skipping breakfast most days and condensing all my food into a large lunch and a very large dinner, I’m also doing two 24 hour fasts per week.

Practically, what that means for me is that I usually fast for 24 hours on Tuesday and Friday (I’m flexible on which days I do it), and then eat at slightly below maintaiance calories on the other days.  What this does is it allows me to take the hard work of cutting calories and “get it over with” only two days a week, rather than stretch it out over seven (by the way, if you think fasting will “slow down your metablism” or any of those other myths, check out the article).

And so far, the results speak for themselves.  To give you a rough side by side of what that looks life, here are the pics I took on the 1st day of this challenge and the pics I took on the 23rd day of the challenge.


60 Day Challenge Week 4

Here’s a few of the pics that I took over the last week:

November 15


November 17th


November 20th


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