Week 2 is officially down.

This week was better, but still not great.

Again, let’s start with the good – I was able to tighten up a bit more on my diet.  I’ve managed to get my protein up to well over 100 grams per day (something I struggled with in the past).

I also, again, ate more or less “clean” during the week.

The bad news, however…was the booze.

I’m not going to make excuses for it.  It is (obviously) 100% my fault.

I will, however, just objectively point out that, from a socializing perspective, this diet is definitely presenting me with challenges I didn’t experience in my previous challenges.

During the last few challenges, I was working in rural Korea, and my socializing was largely kept to the weekend I went to Seoul.  Now that it’s summer in a (decent-sized) Japanese city, there’s shit going on EVERY weekend…and it usually involves alcohol.

Which means that I need a new strategy to deal with this…because up until now I’ve been doing it HORRIBLY (it’s amazing how many extra weekly calories you can pack away on a Sunday when you’re completely hungover).

But, with that said, I still lost half a kilogram and a centimetre off my waist.

Weekly Numbers

My numbers this week are as follows:

Waist Measurement – 90 cm

Weight – 74 kg (164 pounds)

Total Fat Lost Off Waist – 1 cm

Total Weight Lost – 0.5 kg (roughly 1 pound)


Lessons Learned

God I need to quit drinking.

Weekly Pics

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