My apologies for not posting week three, but I figured I’d make up for it by throwing up a double post.

The last few weeks were quite interesting from a dietary success perspective.  Because for the entire third week and the first half of the fourth week, I feel like I really hit my stride and started seeing serious progress.

Let’s start with week three.  I weighed in at the end of the week to discover that I’d dropped a little over 2 pounds, which was EXACTLY what I was looking for.  This was, largely, the result of me tightening the fuck up on my diet – maintaining discipline on my calorie cutting and cutting out all of those little snacks that we all manage to convince ourselves “don’t count”.

It’s also due to the fact that I’ve now got a pretty good system going for being able to drink on the weekend and still make progress with my diet.  And as much as I’d love to consider myself a fucking genius for coming up with this “system”, I really can’t take too much credit for it – people way smarter than me have been doing this for years.

It works like this – let’s say I’m going out for a few drinks on Saturday night.  During the day, I’ll limit my calories pretty dramatically, and focus mainly on eating protein and some carbohydrates.  What this does is create a “calorie” buffer for whatever I’m planning to drink in the evening.  It also allows me to consume a medium sized fat and carb heavy meal AFTER I’m done drinking before I go to bed.

When it comes to alcohol consumption, I’ve placed a four drink limit on myself, making sure to consume water between drinks for hangover prevention.

While this is definitely not a perfect system, its allowed me to go out, be social, and enjoy summer without compromising my health and weight loss too much.

But I digress.  Week four was a bit more difficult.  I weighed myself midway through the week and discovered that I’d dropped another pound…unfortunately, I also managed to REGAIN that pound at the end of the weekend.

Why this is, I have no idea.  Could be water retention from some of the salty food I ate.  It could have been a caloric miscalculation on my part.

Either way, I’m not getting too stressed about it.  Because while I’d like to lose weight quicker, as long as things are trending downwards, that’s really all I care about.

Weekly Numbers

My numbers this week are as follows:

Waist Measurement – 89 cm

Weight – 73 kg (160.5 pounds)

Total Fat Lost Off Waist – 3 cm

Total Weight Lost – 2 kg (roughly 4.5 pounds)

Lessons Learned

Be patient.

Weekly Pics

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