All in all, the week went fairly well.  I made a bit more progress, dropped a bit of weight, and was able to tighten up my diet even more.

More than that though, I actually feel a lot better.  I feel lighter (duh), I have less aches and pains, and I’ve found that I’m cognitively more sharp.

Most of this I attribute to the fact that the diet I’m using this time around is far healthier than diets I’ve used in the past.  While I definitely could stand to add in some more vegetables, most of my food intake has been from healthy meats, eggs, fruit, fats, and “clean” carb sources like white rice and oatmeal.

So yeah, not unreasonable to assume that has something to do with feeling better.

The one change I am going to start making is the reduction of dairy.  In an attempt to keep my protein intake nice and high, I’ve been making two casein shakes per day using milk.  All in all, that adds up to about half a litre of milk per day…which is quite a bit.

While the effects haven’t been too bad, I have noticed some side effects.  My pipes have been a little…ahem…backed up.  I’ve also noticed that my skins looking a little redder than it should, and I’ve even spotted a pimple or two.

The good news is that I recently discovered the wonders of almond milk – seriously, this shit is absolutely fantastic.  200 ml of almond milk contains less than 40 calories.  No bullshit.  I’ve been using that instead of regular milk for my protein shakes, and while it’s not quite as rich and creamy, it’s still pretty damn good (definitely better than water).

The other thing I’m going to be doing is adding in a full 24 hour fasting day.  While I am definitely making progress, it’s been pretty slow going, and I’d really like to get things moving along a little quicker (especially since I’ve only got 3 weeks left to go).

Weekly Numbers

My numbers this week are as follows:

Waist Measurement – 88 cm

Weight – 72.5 kg (159.5 pounds)

Total Fat Lost Off Waist – 4 cm

Total Weight Lost – 2.5 kg (roughly 5.5 pounds)

Lessons Learned

Healthy food makes you feel better…I know, crazy, right?

Weekly Pics

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